Wellness: Optimal LIving


Wellness: Becoming A Vegetarian

Continuing Our Wellness Journey

This week we have been having lots of rain and the flowers and vegetables are looking beautiful. The featured image this week is my fountain with the garden of flowers and mint around it. The little wren sits outside my studio window and sings her energetic bubbly song and reminds me that this is summer. Certainly the temperatures in the 50s don’t remind me of summer. This week we will talk how easy it is to become a vegetarian and what’s new in the garden and I have a fun, very simple rice recipe for you.

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My Wellness Journey & Vegetarianism

Continuing Our Wellness Journey

IMG_4950This week the peonies are blooming and Black Locust trees are in full bloom with the air fragrant with the smell of Jasmine as that is what the black locust tree blooms smell like. A friend sent me the featured image picture with the wonderful details of their smell. My hanging baskets are becoming lush with the plants and my tomatoes are blooming. I love that the companion planting is keeping the vegetables free from bugs. Your garden can be environmentally friendly and healthy for you and the earth. The chipmunks are sharing my strawberries but there were plenty for a small dish for supper with my salad from the garden and a small bowl for a friend and the raspberries are in full bloom.  Spring and summer renew us with the joy of rebirth and growing things.

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Wellness: Roadblocks & Vegetarianism

Continuing Our Wellness Journey, Mama Duck & Roadblocks

mamaDuck_4687 In our continuing journey, Mama Duck has hatched her eggs and her little brood headed for water. She said goodby as she got ready to leave but I missed the departure. As the last egg is laid, the female starts to incubate. She rarely leaves the nest apart from short breaks. About 28 days later the eggs hatch together. This takes about 24 hours. The ducklings stay in the nest for at least 10 hours while they dry and get used to using their legs. Then, usually in the early morning, the female leads them to water. It is probably a good thing I missed it, as you aren’t supposed to scare them during this time and taking pictures might have made them all run in different directions. So the fencing came down and my dogs have checked out their territory and declared it theirs again. We wait for the next wildlife adventure.

Are you continuing your journals? What feelings did your journal reveal?   How is your journey of self-discovery coming along?  Are you hitting roadblocks? I finished my first Ta’i Chi classes, but I fell this weekend and will have to wait until my knee heals. Again life’s little happenings.  I stubbed my toe on the rubber on a speed bump. Although it is aggravating, as I didn’t do this before the accident, I am healing and sending positive thoughts to my bruises. The only thing I can think of that depicts the fall is SPLAT!!! like the comic books. Trying to see the humor in this :). Laughter is the best medicine.  How are your exercises? Have you tried any of the exercises I suggested like chair yoga or water yoga or Ta’i Chi?

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Wellness and A Vegetarian Lifestyle

Recap from last week

Environmental wellness is important for our health and the health of  Mother Earth. My trees must have reached a new maturity this year. They were planted 10 years ago and were good sized at the time. I have lots of birds and wildlife this year. A mother robin has decided to make her nest in a pine tree right across from my deck steps.  She has been bombing my dogs as they go outside. They now wait for me to go with them.  And I always feel it is spring when the little jenny wren appears in my front yard. My traveling companion, Mama Duck, is still sitting on her eggs.

Last week we started our journals. What feelings did your journal reveal?   How is your journey of self-discovery coming along?  I am finding my mindfulness meditations with the Ta’i Chi exercises to be very relaxing. They keep me centered and help me release my energy. Having an injury can block our energy and that can keep us from healing. How are your exercises? Have you tried any of the exercises I suggested like chair yoga or water yoga or Ta’i Chi? Even with physical disabilities, it will help your flexibility and growth. I was able to swim another lap this week with less pain. The Ta’i Chi is helping with my breathing and energy as well.  Another fun exercise is a lazy river where you walk in a pool and either walk with the current, or against the current.  The lazy river is a low-impact workout and great for joints. If you have sore joints or if you’re recovering from some sort of injury, this is a perfect opportunity to use water therapy. I go to the local recreation center at least once a week to walk the lazy river and then swim at least one lap.

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Wellness Journey: Journaling and Recipes

Keeping A Journal While Traveling Through Wellness

Happy Mothers Day!!  My traveling companion, Mama Duck, is still sitting on her eggs. I have added her first picture since she refused to pose this week and I didn’t want to make her move.  Last week I said that we would be delving more deeply into journaling.  In The Way of the Traveler by Joseph Dispenza , it is suggested that we keep a journal  as we move from one place (the old) to another (the new).  mamaDuck_4687This journal should be a record of your feelings. Let it be a record of how you feel about the people and things you encounter along your path.  What feelings will your journal reveal?   Dispenza states, “a journal of your feelings gives you the opportunity to trace the movements of your heart as you make your way…It becomes a journey of self-discovery.” Continue Reading

Continuing Wellness Journey & Mama Duck

Traveling in Wellness

Last week we looked at The Way of the Traveler by Joseph Dispenza and learned that travel transforms us as we move from one place (the old) to another (the new). I am learning the lessons of this new place. I started a course in Mindfulness and took my first Ta’i Chi Class since the accident. There are many new insights I have learned. The biggest one is that I need to have patience with myself in my recovery that is still in progress. It is difficult to go back to being a beginner in practices that I used to be proficient in or teach. I am learning a new “me” and I need to stop comparing what I could do with what I can do. So more lessons learned. Are you recovering from an accident or illness? Be patient and kind to yourself and learn with me. Patience with oneself is priceless!

I am expanding my awareness and undertaking this trip with mindfulness. I also attended a Reiki Share and had a moment with no pain which was the first truly painless moment I have had since September 23, 2014.  I am a Reiki Master and it is wonderful to share Reiki with others. It was rejuvenating.

My traveling companion, Mama Duck, is in the photo looking at me as I take the picture. I don’t want to disturb her and she isn’t happy at all with me taking pictures. I will try again in a few days. Life is truly an adventure and we must live mindfully in each day. Continue Reading

Pet Wellness

Benefits of Dog Ownership

There are many acknowledged benefits of owning a pet. A pet fills your heart with love. Pets are a great way to beat the blues as they offer unconditional love and give us a sense of purpose. My furry friends bring me joy, happiness and often laughter in their companionship. Pet ownership gives us an instant icebreaker, whether Brandy Kissing Macthey’re with you or you’re just using them as a topic of conversation. It is believed that we get sick less. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute of Health (NIH) have both conducted heart-related studies on people who have pets. The findings showed that pet owners exhibit decreased blood pressure, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. For those who have already experienced a heart attack, research indicates that patients with a dog or a cat tend to have better recovery rates as they help reduce their owners’ overall stress levels. Continue Reading

Social Wellness: Family Memories & Health

This week I was going to  change the emphasis and talk about Occupational Wellness, but this week became a week full of family & friends  and I just had to share how important our social wellness and friendships can be. As I mentioned before, Social Wellness is the ability to interact with people around us and I think this is extremely important as we age. I started and ended last week with car problems and one of my neighbors helped me at least 5 times including 6:50am on Monday before my service appointment. Another friend took me to a doctor’s appointment and yet another friend picked me up. It was also a week to build family memories.

Our featured picture this week of buckwheat pancakes doesn’t look healthy but the social interaction with family is healthy. And surprise, actually buckwheat pancakes are healthy for you and gluten free. Buckwheat flour is  not actually a grain. Buckwheat also is nutritious and has a low Glycemic Index .  Each March since 1951, Burton has been serving pancakes every spring to over 20,000 guests.  Continue Reading