Wellness: Optimal LIving


Wellness Journey: Journaling and Recipes

Keeping A Journal While Traveling Through Wellness

Happy Mothers Day!!  My traveling companion, Mama Duck, is still sitting on her eggs. I have added her first picture since she refused to pose this week and I didn’t want to make her move.  Last week I said that we would be delving more deeply into journaling.  In The Way of the Traveler by Joseph Dispenza , it is suggested that we keep a journal  as we move from one place (the old) to another (the new).  mamaDuck_4687This journal should be a record of your feelings. Let it be a record of how you feel about the people and things you encounter along your path.  What feelings will your journal reveal?   Dispenza states, “a journal of your feelings gives you the opportunity to trace the movements of your heart as you make your way…It becomes a journey of self-discovery.” Continue Reading

Continuing Wellness Journey & Mama Duck

Traveling in Wellness

Last week we looked at The Way of the Traveler by Joseph Dispenza and learned that travel transforms us as we move from one place (the old) to another (the new). I am learning the lessons of this new place. I started a course in Mindfulness and took my first Ta’i Chi Class since the accident. There are many new insights I have learned. The biggest one is that I need to have patience with myself in my recovery that is still in progress. It is difficult to go back to being a beginner in practices that I used to be proficient in or teach. I am learning a new “me” and I need to stop comparing what I could do with what I can do. So more lessons learned. Are you recovering from an accident or illness? Be patient and kind to yourself and learn with me. Patience with oneself is priceless!

I am expanding my awareness and undertaking this trip with mindfulness. I also attended a Reiki Share and had a moment with no pain which was the first truly painless moment I have had since September 23, 2014.  I am a Reiki Master and it is wonderful to share Reiki with others. It was rejuvenating.

My traveling companion, Mama Duck, is in the photo looking at me as I take the picture. I don’t want to disturb her and she isn’t happy at all with me taking pictures. I will try again in a few days. Life is truly an adventure and we must live mindfully in each day. Continue Reading

Physical Wellness: Aging well and healing

Usually when we think of physical wellness we think of only preventative health practices and of how it relates to maintaining a healthy body through exercising, eating well,  and getting adequate sleep/rest. But what if you are older as I am or have had a life altering event, as I did with a car accident in 2014. At 72, even though I have practiced wellness for many years, I findanced that I am having some definite physical challenges where I can’t exercise the same way and don’t always get adequate rest. Before the accident I was walking 10k steps per day, doing flexibility exercises, yoga, and dancing ,ballroom style, several days a week and competing several times a year through the Fred Astaire Dance Studios. This has changed and that change can be a challenge. Continue Reading

New Years Resolutions

My opening painting, Winter Ice, was chosen because we missed the big snow again and I just felt like a winter scene.  Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions but do we make a healthy resolution. After not being able to exercise for a year and eating the wrong foods, I started a new healthy lifestyle of eating last summer which continued into October and December of 2015. I ate fresh fruits, salads and green vegetables with some fish. I didn’t eat boxed food and I lost 12 lbs. I looked for a healthy protein shake and found exactly what I wanted with Arbonne. I liked the healthy living products so much I became a consultant. I did either the chocolate or vanilla protein shake daily. Continue Reading

Getting Back to me

It is very cold today in Ohio, but luckily I am south of all the snow. Thinking of the hydrangeas reminds me of the summer and warmth of the day when I painted them on my deck. I can even smell them if I close my eyes and think hard enough. We can talk about wellness with no problem when everything goes right, but what do we do when things don’t go right and problems occur. This week is a really good week for me because I started to paint again. In September of 2014 I was in a car accident and it was life altering. Continue Reading