Wellness: Optimal LIving

Financial Wellness

Although the original Six Dimensions of Wellness by Bill Hettler doesn’t include financial wellness, it is seen fairly often. And in fact, financial stress does interact with the other dimensions. Stress can cause you to be emotionally and physically ill.  Financial stress has reached such heights that more employers are now adding “financial wellness” programs to their menu of employee benefits. I have been in an area of financial stress, but have learned how to stay healthy.  According to Robert Powell in USA Today, financial wellness is having minimal financial stress and a strong financial foundation with an emergency savings fund and living within your abilities. The plan you follow should also put you on track to meet future financial goals like education or retirement. This plan is similar to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University. Are you financially healthy? If you are, what are your tips? If not what questions do you have?

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Emotional Wellness

We have talked about physical,  spiritual, intellectual, social, & occupational wellness so far. This week we will look at emotional wellness. I chose emotional wellness because holidays can be especially emotional at times. Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute (NWI), states that “The emotional dimension recognizes awareness and acceptance of one’s feelings.”  It includes the amount of positive feelings we have about ourselves and our life. In 2015, due to the car accident, I had to work at my emotional wellness. I was positive about still being alive, but had trouble being enthusiastic about each day in my life or my future as it was very unsure.   Continue Reading

Intellectual Wellness

Are you a lifelong learner? Do you like to challenge your mind with intellectual and creative pursuits? I do and I am definitely a lifelong learner. We often think that when we graduate from school at whatever level that learning is over and we don’t have to do any more. But being able to flex and open your mind is healthy and keeps you well. This week we will investigate the Intellectual Dimension of the Wellness Wheel by Bill Hettler and find some fun adventures. Continue Reading

Occupational Wellness

Are you happy in your job? If you are older, are you retired or still actively working? How we feel about our work is important for our health at any age. According to Dr. Bill Hettler in The Six Dimensions of Wellness, “the Occupational Dimension recognizes personal satisfaction and enrichment in one’s life through work.” Our work development is related to our attitude about our work.  Work should be both personally meaningful and rewarding as we work the majority of each week.  According to The Six Dimensions of Wellness, it is better to choose a career which is consistent with our personal values, interests, and beliefs than to select one that is unrewarding to us. It is better to develop functional, transferable skills than to remain inactive and uninvolved and this is true of any age.  However, that isn’t always possible. Continue Reading

Social Wellness: Family Memories & Health

This week I was going to  change the emphasis and talk about Occupational Wellness, but this week became a week full of family & friends  and I just had to share how important our social wellness and friendships can be. As I mentioned before, Social Wellness is the ability to interact with people around us and I think this is extremely important as we age. I started and ended last week with car problems and one of my neighbors helped me at least 5 times including 6:50am on Monday before my service appointment. Another friend took me to a doctor’s appointment and yet another friend picked me up. It was also a week to build family memories.

Our featured picture this week of buckwheat pancakes doesn’t look healthy but the social interaction with family is healthy. And surprise, actually buckwheat pancakes are healthy for you and gluten free. Buckwheat flour is  not actually a grain. Buckwheat also is nutritious and has a low Glycemic Index .  Each March since 1951, Burton has been serving pancakes every spring to over 20,000 guests.  Continue Reading

Physical Wellness: Aging well and healing

Usually when we think of physical wellness we think of only preventative health practices and of how it relates to maintaining a healthy body through exercising, eating well,  and getting adequate sleep/rest. But what if you are older as I am or have had a life altering event, as I did with a car accident in 2014. At 72, even though I have practiced wellness for many years, I findanced that I am having some definite physical challenges where I can’t exercise the same way and don’t always get adequate rest. Before the accident I was walking 10k steps per day, doing flexibility exercises, yoga, and dancing ,ballroom style, several days a week and competing several times a year through the Fred Astaire Dance Studios. This has changed and that change can be a challenge. Continue Reading

Spiritual Wellness: Being like a Butterfly

Spirituality includes a sense of connection to something bigger than ourselves, and it typically involves a search for meaning in life. This week we are looking at the Spiritual Dimension of the Wellness Model. When we apply the Six Dimensions of the Wellness Model, by Bill Hettler of the National Wellness Institute, we become aware of the interconnectedness of each dimension and the development of belief systems, values and creating a world-view.  This dimension recognizes our search for meaning and purpose in life. It includes the development of a deep appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and natural forces that exist in the universe. You’ll know you’re becoming spiritually well when your actions become more consistent with your beliefs and values, resulting in a “world view.”

  • If we are spiritually well, we will find it better to ponder the meaning of life for ourselves and to be tolerant of the beliefs of others, rather than to close our minds and become intolerant.
  • We will live each day in a way that is consistent with our values and beliefs than to do otherwise and feel untrue to ourselves.

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Taking Time For You

As I enjoyed my visit with a friend in Florida, it reminded me of how important it is to have social wellness and to take time out from my normal routine and work. According to the Six Dimensions of Wellness Model developed by Dr. Bill Hettler, co-founder of the National Wellness Institute (NWI), the social dimension emphasizes the importance of enhancing personal relationships and important friendships.  We should seek ways to preserve the beauty and balance of nature. This really became real to me as I looked for shells on Barefoot Beach in Naples, Florida and visited the Everglades. Continue Reading

New Years Resolutions

My opening painting, Winter Ice, was chosen because we missed the big snow again and I just felt like a winter scene.  Most of us make New Year’s Resolutions but do we make a healthy resolution. After not being able to exercise for a year and eating the wrong foods, I started a new healthy lifestyle of eating last summer which continued into October and December of 2015. I ate fresh fruits, salads and green vegetables with some fish. I didn’t eat boxed food and I lost 12 lbs. I looked for a healthy protein shake and found exactly what I wanted with Arbonne. I liked the healthy living products so much I became a consultant. I did either the chocolate or vanilla protein shake daily. Continue Reading

Getting Back to me

It is very cold today in Ohio, but luckily I am south of all the snow. Thinking of the hydrangeas reminds me of the summer and warmth of the day when I painted them on my deck. I can even smell them if I close my eyes and think hard enough. We can talk about wellness with no problem when everything goes right, but what do we do when things don’t go right and problems occur. This week is a really good week for me because I started to paint again. In September of 2014 I was in a car accident and it was life altering. Continue Reading